Our New Home In Athens, Maine!

We at Arbor Distillery just could not pass up the opportunity to work with the folks at Freedom Farm in Athens, Maine. We are excited be the area’s most unique distillery and we are looking forward to growing our own ingredients right here on the farm!

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  • Sugar Beets

    It sure was a gloomy weekend! With day temps in the 40’s, the chill in the air was very present. We went ahead and planted the beets anyways! Beets seeds are very weird. They are small and pointy and shaped different. This means that they need to be pressed down with a heavy roller after…

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  • Milk Room to Still Room Conversion

    It’s going to be some serious work converting a milk room to a distillery, but I know one guy who is up to the challenge! Meet Archer Hansen. This is the hardest working 15 yr old kid I know! Arbor Distillery is all about family. Everyone is lending a serious hand to make this happen!…

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  • Corn Up!!

    While we were prepping the still room and planting beets this weekend, We took a walk in the cornfield to see if any corn has decided to pop up and LOOK!!

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