• Tree Down!

    This was a close call! This massive maple branch got taken out by the storm on Friday! It brushed the house and barely missed the roof, windows, trailers and other important items! Phew! Looks like there is going to be some good, slow burning firewood for this winter!

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  • Sugar Beets

    It sure was a gloomy weekend! With day temps in the 40’s, the chill in the air was very present. We went ahead and planted the beets anyways! Beets seeds are very weird. They are small and pointy and shaped different. This means that they need to be pressed down with a heavy roller after…

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  • Milk Room to Still Room Conversion

    It’s going to be some serious work converting a milk room to a distillery, but I know one guy who is up to the challenge! Meet Archer Hansen. This is the hardest working 15 yr old kid I know! Arbor Distillery is all about family. Everyone is lending a serious hand to make this happen!…

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  • Corn Up!!

    While we were prepping the still room and planting beets this weekend, We took a walk in the cornfield to see if any corn has decided to pop up and LOOK!!

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  • Corn In!

    While the corn seeds become corn plants, we at Arbor Distillery will be working on our Still Room, planting more seeds and much more all in preparation to provide you with our quality Maine made distilled products. Thanks for reading and tell your friends!

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  • Seeding The Plot

    This old John Deere may not look pretty or have a single bit of electronics on it, but it really does the job! Once we figured out how it works, we could do 2 100 ft rows of corn in about 5 minutes! This old mechanical machine will dig the hole, drop the seed every…

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  • The Seeder

    After a few texts back and forth, I ordered 5000 Bloody Butcher Corn Seeds, 5000 Dent Corn seeds and 5000 sugar beets seeds. Bill had tilled out the old pig farm area, which should be well fertilized, and now its time to plant some seeds. Having never seeded before, I had no clue how were…

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  • How We Found Freedom Farm.

    A few weeks ago, the whole family was trapped together in the house sick. With nothing to do but stream and scroll, I was panning through Facebook Marketplace. I saw this ad that said “Farm For Lease” I laughed at first because just a day or 2 ago, I told my wife: “Annie, I think…

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  • Hello world!

    Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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