A few weeks ago, the whole family was trapped together in the house sick. With nothing to do but stream and scroll, I was panning through Facebook Marketplace. I saw this ad that said “Farm For Lease” I laughed at first because just a day or 2 ago, I told my wife: “Annie, I think at our age, our dream of being farmers has hit a wall.” As I scrolled through the photos, I noticed that the equipment used for processing milk is the same that is used for making mash for distilling. I replied to the ad, asking if they thought a distillery might work at the farm. Bill, one of the owners, responded with interest. We met that weekend. Sarah and Bill have years experience farming and had some amazing input that opened my eyes in new ways. They suggested we grow our own corn at the farm for bourbon and we grow sugar beets for rum. This really got me thinking. I spoke with Vlad, my partner at Arbor Distillery and he loved the idea. He thought that being more sustainable by growing our own crops would be an amazing accomplishment! Here we are!

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