After a few texts back and forth, I ordered 5000 Bloody Butcher Corn Seeds, 5000 Dent Corn seeds and 5000 sugar beets seeds. Bill had tilled out the old pig farm area, which should be well fertilized, and now its time to plant some seeds. Having never seeded before, I had no clue how were were going to put 10000 seeds in the ground. I have had a garden at home, but that’s like 100 plants or so max. Bill tells me he has a corn seeder that he bought a while ago but has no idea if it works or not. We walked over to the equipment bay and there it was, a 1970’s or so John Deere corn seeder with flat tires, covered in dust, chains hanging down. He looked it over, inflated the tires, greased every zert, oiled it, and we gave it a test. The seeder part worked, but the fertilizer part did not, but with all of that pig poop in the ground, who needs fertilizer? We consider this a win, and head to the ground where we are planting. I am learning very quickly that farming is 25% growing crops and 75% messing with equipment!

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